Monday, December 23, 2013

Jumping Right into Learning

Holiday break time!!! Which means some time to catch up on blog posts that have been racing around in my head.

Here's the first one! We have a VERY active group of kids and lots of kinesthetic learners. After realizing that most of our kids just weren't going to get anything by sitting down at tables during group time I decided it was time to get them up and moving. 

And that is how "Letter Jump" was created. The idea is wonderfully simple and so easily executed. The hardest task was finding a font that didn't use that little hook over top of the lower case A. 

Step one print out whichever letters you're focusing on, for this lesson we used A, B and C. In our school we always try and present the children with both the upper case and lower case letters at the same time. I simply created a word document and printed the letters as large as I could, one letter for each sheet of paper. You should have a set of letters for each child.

At the school I used painters tape and simply taped the letters onto the carpet in our gross motor room. When the kids came into my group I helped them get situated behind their group of letters. We began with the letters in order, I called out the letters and had the kids jump onto the correct letter. Then I began calling out the letters randomly.

The beauty of this project is that it's so easy to adapt for different learning levels. With our more advanced students I started with the letters, quickly switched to sounds and then eventually called out words that started with each letter. To help alleviate frustration with our less advanced kids I had an extra set of letters that I would hold up each time I called out a letter so the kids could match the letter I was holding with the letter to jump onto. 

The kids had so much fun with this activity and I just love when we can make learning fun!

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